Wednesday, October 15

Dusting off this old blog...

I'll not make excuses for not posting, but shall strive to do better in the future. To that end...

I cooked up a STORM on Sunday afternoon! Tuna noodle casserole (so gross, so good), African chicken & peanut soup, rigatoni and chicken sausage casserole, and filling for empanadas. Everything was in large batches, so we're stocking our freezer to save time and meal planning stress.

Yesterday I made the dough for the empanadas and cooked 'em up for dinner. I thought the dough was going to be a disaster -- it was a crumbly, sticky mess while I was kneading it. However, it turned out very well. The empanadas were pretty and crazy tasty:
Big, too! I'll try to remember to take a photo of the soup when we eat it tonight.

Mostly I want to brag about Graham's recent interest in cooking. He adores it, and he's such a great little helper. He and I have been having fun browsing through The Toddler Cafe and trying some of the recipes in there. He hasn't liked everything, but he's been willing to try things I don't think he would have touched if he hadn't helped make them. That's progress.

So far, our biggest favorites from that book have been the grilled cheese sandwiches made on the waffle iron (the cover of the book has a picture) and the mint chocolate chip ice cream made with cream cheese and peas. I find the end result a little too tangy, but Graham digs it in small portions and Dean is addicted to it. Some photos from that session:
From Food

From Food

From Food

Don't you love his little apron? Next on our list from that book are treasure triangles and pumpkin pockets. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Yesterday afternoon both boys "helped" with making Halloween cookies. It was one of those projects that sounds really fun but was truly exhausting. However, the end result was delicious and super cute:
From Food

Mad props to the Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe. These are definitely the best ones I've ever made.