Monday, January 7

Cabbage Conquered

My mission tonight was straightforward, but not easy: to dispatch a head of cabbage without us having to hold our noses while we ate it. Lately it's common to find a big beautiful head of cabbage in our Greenling Local Box™ delivery, but they run the risk of going to waste in our fridge.

Madhur Jaffrey to the rescue! I made Turkish cabbage and seasoned rice from her "World Vegetarian." When done properly, this layered dish is supposed to slide out of your pan like a cake. I didn't even bother. I just stuck a spoon in it and said "I'm done! If you're hungry, you'll eat it."

It's got onions, pine nuts, currants (for which I cleverly substituted raisins), cinnamon, and dill.

This would have gone great with some braised lamb or something cool like that. Too bad I didn't have the energy or the food on hand. We are such a one-dish family!

Cabbage and Seasoned Rice

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Aaron said...

Nikki and I made a great dish the other day that was a casserole with rye bread and cabbage. Maybe those are the kinds of flavors you are trying to avoid though. I am in love with all the stinky flavors of cabbage.