Sunday, January 13

Lively Up Yourself Lentil Soup

After a few nights of leftovers/dining out, we returned to the kitchen with another offering from the 101 Cookbooks blog. I wouldn't exactly describe this soup as "lively," but it was tasty and wholesome, and a cinch to make.

Edited to add: The saffron yogurt gets more interesting after a day or two -- more vivid color, more complex flavor. If you're planning a weekly menu, making the yogurt a night or two in advance is a good idea.

Graham, of course, continues to resist nutritious lentils.

Here's Dean, enjoying O's and teething biscuits.

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Aaron said...

Glad to hear that you haven't been on a hunger strike for four days. The soup looks yummy. You're lucky it's too far for me to pop in for unannounced dinners.
I made a beef barley soup last night and learned a lesson about the awesome power of barley to expand. I added it late and it nearly quadrupled the size of the soup. Careful with barley! Nikki and I bot feel like it continued expanding in our bellies.